Engineering and Construction

From Braga, Portugal, for more than 65 years, Casais´core business area is Engineering, Civil Construction and Public Works.

Knowledge, precision, quality, engineering skills, and proximity to the customer, combined with expert management and innovation, dictate the success of our construction projects. We favor strategic partnerships and promote a culture of excellence and sustainability.

We have an organic strategy growth focused on alliances and local partnerships, as well as a continuous enhancement of human and phisical structures. We started our internationalization process in 1994, and today we have activity in four continents.

Our strategic, ethical, and professional principles, as well as our knowledge, experience, and provided services, are the pillars of the organization’s success. Our principles have been widely recognized by business partners, customers and by external awards.

With consolidated management, we look to the future with the vision of continuing to be a reference of knowledge and strenght. We are the group with the largest integrated capacity for the building area. We believe that our future is based on three principles:

  1. Generating value by creating built assets for our customers and the group through industrial integration and efficiency;
  2. Develop and preserve a community of people who follow our business;
  3. Investing in knowledge and strategic partnerships.

With the increasing introduction of technology across industries and segments, the impact on how we build will change. Therefore, we are giving priority to the process of Construction Digitisation, with a focus on the use of technology to improve performance and the management chain.

Also, the commitment to the development of the technical area of Engineering with the objective of creating price differentiation, bringing technical gains and more productive systems allows us not only to optimize cost but also to offer more value (quality and deadline).

This is our offer, and we are looking for clients who prefer our values and that allow us not only to present our added suggestions to ensure the best possible performance of buildings and built infrastructures. With the purpose of participating from the design phase and conception of the product to the construction, we also search for collaborative business models, through multi-project contracts.

Construction is an industry susceptible to many external variables and it difficults a linear and efficient production flow. We believe that starting by building collaborative relationships with customers allows us to create the foundations for designing a more fluid and efficient production process.


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