Efficient and healthy buildings

A house that becomes our safe and comfortable space, isolated, and at the same time more connected than ever, that gives us health and years of life because it is attentive to our comfort, comes to reinforce our concepts that incorporate years of experience and knowledge.

Quality in construction has a direct impact on everyone’s quality of life.

The energy performance of buildings has a significant impact on energy, climate change, and the environment.


Life and the economy work in cycles. For this reason, buildings must be versatile, adapting to various uses and times.

Our purpose keeps us united in building a better tomorrow.

We are the group with the largest integrated capacity for the building area.

We believe that our future rests on three pillars:

  1. Generating value by creating built assets for our customers and the group through industrial integration and efficiency;
  2. Develop and preserve a community of people who follow our business;
  3. Investing in knowledge and strategic partnerships.


Building the future is undoubtedly more sophisticated, complex, and demanding, but it is also more motivating and rewarding because it is possible to do more and better.

Consuming fewer natural resources, using more renewable sources, constructing buildings that are more flexible and adapted to our needs, and using construction systems and techniques that allow for more significant,more excellent added value.

In this sense, Casais has a wide range of constructive and technological solutions for the several challenges in improving the building environment, from the construction to the air quality.

We regularly share tips, products, best practices, and news in the “Casa Eficiente” (Efficient House) project, which is also energized in the social networks.


The Homing spaces and the Fioblu project that incorporate all these concepts are our answer to an increasingly demanding market where the priority is well-being, health, and comfort.

The storage systems designed by Ampere Energy store energy from a solar PV installation and the grid. Characterized by their high degree of technological innovation, they have software equipped with Artificial Intelligence components and Big Data tools that analyze weather forecasts, user consumption patterns, and energy prices to benefit from dynamic rate arbitrage. In this way, these systems optimize self-consumption installations, thus increasing energy autonomy. They are especially suitable for homes and small businesses, and installation is quick and easy.

Indoor air quality is a significant issue for public health since we spend 90% of our time inside a building.


We are developing sensors and competence in Indoor Air Quality because we believe that to be experts in building a better world, we must know how to provide well-being to all users and buildings.


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Formulário de dúvidas e denúncias

É importante para o Grupo Casais, conhecer as suas sugestões e reclamações, de forma a garantir que podemos melhorar continuamente.

Como colaborador, colaborador de um nosso parceiros, parte interessada ou testemunha pode denunciar situações de forma anónima, submeter informação sobre situações condenáveis ou denunciar ações ilegais, que violem políticas internas e/ou o nosso código de conduta de fornecedores.

As denúncias podem ser efetuadas de forma confidencial, indicando o nome e as informações de contacto ou, se quiser, de forma 100% anónima, deixando os campos em branco. Todas as denúncias serão tratadas de forma segura e confidencial.