Message from the CEO

“It was with intense work, audacity, commitment and dedication that the Founders, especially Master Casais and the brothers João, Domingos and José, managed to go over the setbacks.”

All setbacks were surpassed with the help and cooperation of the coming generations, regardless any means or schedules, a few times sacrifying themselves, but also with the precious help of all employees.

In 2004, as the Patron of Casais Family, Master Casais has carried out his most visionary measure through the promotion, creation and signing of the Casais Family Protocol. The document, signed by all members of the family, expresses the strong willingness to keep on with the business property accomplished by all with many sacrifices over almost half a century, enabled by the following postulates:

  • Preserving the union of the Family;
  • Perpetuation of the company in the Family;
  • The respect of the interest of the Founders and its second generation constituted by the five brothers;
  • Keeping on the entrepreneurial dream of the current shareholders;
  • Strengthening the idea of commitment of all members of the family;
  • Being proud of being a Family Business;
  • Ensuring the economic security of the Family;
  • The incentive of working in the Family Business of the current and coming generations;
  • Keeping the know-how and the management model started by the Family throughout the history of the company, which can be an added value to the growth and development of the company for the coming generations.

ride of, we witness the intelligence and vision of our Founders, especially Master António Casais, in training and in the timely transition for the second generation, giving and introducing values, showing every day earnestness, honesty and humbleness that have always differentiate the backgrounds of Casais. There were years of growing business and human resources, international expansion, variety of activity, specialization and maturity in the way we work. Even though facing in the past few years a crisis, we have consolidated the feature that distinguishes us in all activities, regardless the geography.

It is with great pride that we see the third generation perfectly among the business of Casais Group, taking over responsibilities in the guidance and orientation of the future of the company, ensuring and defending the spirit of the Family Protocol. The employees of this company carry on leaving a valuable business property and a challenge of great responsibility for the coming generations (family and non-family).

Management principles, ethical and cultural references, anchored on the outlined Vision and Mission, are part of a business science made of Values, Attitudes and Behaviours. These parameters were born in the Inheritance and Tradition, raised by the mastery teachings of the past enhanced by the daily practice, always aiming to serve the Customers and creating economic and social wealth. This is the main intangible asset of the Organization.

We do believe that we have been through a demanding but safe journey and that we are prepared for a better future, more optimistic and more attractive.

Thank you very much to all of you.


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Formulário de dúvidas e denúncias

É importante para o Grupo Casais, conhecer as suas sugestões e reclamações, de forma a garantir que podemos melhorar continuamente.

Como colaborador, colaborador de um nosso parceiros, parte interessada ou testemunha pode denunciar situações de forma anónima, submeter informação sobre situações condenáveis ou denunciar ações ilegais, que violem políticas internas e/ou o nosso código de conduta de fornecedores.

As denúncias podem ser efetuadas de forma confidencial, indicando o nome e as informações de contacto ou, se quiser, de forma 100% anónima, deixando os campos em branco. Todas as denúncias serão tratadas de forma segura e confidencial.