Why Casais?

Considering the activity in the four continents and the international dimension, the Casais Group assumes itself as an organization oriented to innovation, knowledge sharing and the development of its human resources’ skills.

Based on a management by Values, we believe in an Integrated Management system, which contributes to a uniform model for people management and covers various stages of the employee’s life cycle in the Group; supporting managers in their mission to lead their teams, and providing clarity and transparency to the processes, the role, responsibilities, and possible paths for the employee’s growth within the Group.

We work on an annual program of activities and internal events, support, protocols, and benefits that we make available to our employees.

Every year, we also survey our internal community through climate studies promoted by external and impartial entities. We have a mature and continuously improving performance evaluation program, and we foster the recognition and merit of our teams on an annual basis.

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