Casais and ACR complete the structure of Spain’s first hybrid building in 14 days

The construction company Casais España IC, part of the Casais Group, and the Spanish construction company ACR, assembled the industrialized structure of the B&B Hotel in Tres Cantos (Madrid) in just 14 days, from start to finish. The property, promoted by Sunny Casais and designed by TdB Estudio de Arquitectura, has five floors and is the first building constructed in Spain using the hybrid industrialized system developed by CREE Buildings, in which timber plays a major role.

The entire exterior, including the façade and industrialized structures from Blufab and the plumbing installation kits from Blumep, was completed within the specified timeframe. All components were prepared off site and assembled directly on site, making it possible to complete the overall project about six months sooner than would have been the case if traditional construction methods had been used, thereby considerably reducing the impact on the environment surrounding the site.

The first timber hybrid building in Spain

The B&B Hotel in Tres Cantos is the first building constructed in Spain using the industrialised timber hybrid (timber and concrete) system developed by CREE Buildings. The 120-room, five-storey hotel with ground floor parking embodies a new concept in sustainable construction and will help to strengthen the B&B hotel chain.

The industrialised timber hybrid system used for its construction is nothing short of a revolution in sustainable construction, giving rise to a new generation of buildings in Spain.

More specifically, the industrialised structure and façades of this project are based on the CREE Buildings system, which has proven to be ideal for construction projects where sustainability takes precedence over other factors.


According to CREE Buildings data, another feature of this hybrid system is that the consumption of materials is much more efficient, allowing for the adoption of a circular economy strategy, since 50% of the materials can be reused at the end of the building’s life cycle. It also reduces waste by 70% and noise pollution by more than 50%. This system makes the building itself much more efficient, thanks to reduced energy consumption and easier maintenance of the built structure.

With the ability to construct buildings over 12 storeys high without having to compromise on design or flexibility is one compelling reason this environmentally friendly construction system has already been used in more than 15 buildings around the world.

[Timelapse Final] Hotel B&B Tres Cantos, Madrid - Grupo Casais


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