Grupo Casais deepen ties with Cree Buildings as a shareholder.


Casais Group and Cree Buildings have always shared a common goal; to spearhead a green transition in construction. Now, three years after becoming a Cree license partner and successfully implementing Cree in Portugal. Casais will further strengthen its strategic partnership by becoming a key shareholder.

The task of transforming an industry is no easy one, but both firms have shown the rest of the industry the way forward and collaborated on some landmark projects. With forces united and heading firmly in the same direction, future prospects now look even brighter.

Knowledge sharing and mutual growth

Cree’s innovative construction methods have a clear growth curve, with the past years full of new partnerships, projects, and over 200,000 m2 built. The company now enters an exciting scale-up phase, with significant growth and new projects expected from 2023 and beyond.

Casais therefore come in at the perfect time, joining Rhomberg Group and Zech Group as a shareholder to help shape Cree’s future and boost its rollout in Portugal and beyond. In turn, Casais will benefit through even deeper involvement with the Cree global network and the incremental improvement of solutions across geographical boundaries. Likewise, Casais’ innovations such as Blufab, are an invaluable addition to Cree’s existing prefabrication approach and component supply chain.

This consolidation of knowledge and resources was a key factor, says António Carlos Rodrigues, CEO of Casais Group. “Competitiveness depends on access to a strong network of suppliers, especially in the period of inflation we are currently in,” he notes. “We need to constantly offer clients reliability on costs, to diminish any potential quality disparities, and to help meet deadlines.” For this, the supplier networks and digital capacities developed by both companies are a powerful combination. “We are now able to offer the capacity to execute the same type of building technology everywhere, giving as many tools as possible for partners to achieve solutions more rapidly,” adds Rodrigues. “We feel we need this type of construction and approach for providing a better solution to clients.”

Big plans ahead

For Cree’s founder Hubert Rhomberg, welcoming Casais as a shareholder is a logical step in more active strategic involvement after successful years as a license partner. It is also an opportune moment, with the scale-up of projects and the digital platform showing a strong upwards trajectory for the coming years. “This is a clear signal that companies are paying attention to what we are doing,” says Rhomberg. “It is a further confirmation that we are on the right path and that the most innovative companies are becoming part of the Cree family.”


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