Grupo Casais deepen ties with Cree Buildings as a shareholder.

Grupo Casais torna-se acionista da Cree Buildings

Casais Group and Cree Buildings have always shared a common goal; to spearhead a green transition in construction. Now, three years after becoming a Cree license partner and successfully implementing Cree in Portugal. Casais will further strengthen its strategic partnership by becoming a key shareholder. The task of transforming an industry is no easy one, […]

Casais Group reinforces its bet on Asset Promotion and Management in Portugal

102 Noticia CEO

Following its wide experience in real estate promotion, either in the housing segment or in industrial, commercial, hotel and services buildings, the Casais Group, despite the current context, keeps an investment cycle in assets based on a set of premises that Covid-19 reinforces and confirms. In this sense, the Casais Group, besides being the company […]

Ampere Energy launches Ampere T-Pro and Ampere E-Loop solutions

096 Noticia Ampere

The smart battery company has taken another step toward the new energy model in terms of self-consumption, intelligent energy storage, and electromobility. The new Ampere T-Pro three-phase batteries allow the storage of energy for small industries or even large houses, and also allow to safeguard a circuit with constant power, without breaks. The new E-loop […]

Monte Prado Minho Hotel & Spa reopens with the “Clean & Safe” stamp

094 Noticia Monte prado

After the temporary closure, caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, the Hotel reopened its doors to the public on June 19, complying with all the safety guidelines of the Directorate-General of Health, and is even a hotel unit certified by the Tourism of Portugal with the “Clean & Safe” seal. In order to mark the reopening, […]

Casais/CREE Buildings Partnership

090 Noticia CREE

The future of buildings has already begun! Since the beginning of the year, the Casais Group is CREE’s authorized partner for Portugal. The contract was signed by António Carlos, CEO of the Casais Group, Hubert Rhomberg, CEO and Co-founder of CREE, Volker Weissenberger, Global Licensing Director of CREE and Paulo Carapuça, Administrator of the Administration […]

Carpin BE participates in the restoration and remodeling of Handelsbeurs

086 Noticia Handelsbeurs

The old Antwerp Stock Exchange is undergoing a very large and comprehensive renovation process, comprising areas such as an events hall, restaurant, 5 star hotel and parking lot, having the carpentry company Casais Group assumed the responsibility for the production and design of most of the exterior spans, doors and windows.

RMCasais resumes work on the G. Scolaire Michelis

085 Noticia RM Casais

After the temporary halt due to the Covid-19 pandemic, RMCasais has resumed work on the G. Scolaire Michelis. The work started with several precautions and restrictions, namely, the reduction by 50% of the workforce on site, the reinforced use of individual protection equipment as well as the exclusive use of a canteen and sanitary facilities […]

Quadrina integrates a new department in its structure

082 Noticia Quadrina

Recently the switchboard company included the Automation department in its structure. This department’s main mission is to provide engineering solutions in various sectors, such as GTC, home automation, machine automation, and small industrial installations. For the creation of this new department, and as a form of differentiation, Quadrina conducted a search in the national and […]

Ampere Energy Portugal promotes technical and commercial training

081 Noticia Ampere

In a technical-commercial session, Ampere Energy Portugal presented the 2020 novelties, from which we highlight the innovative PRO Range, the long-awaited three-phase battery and the charger for electric vehicles. Still in the commercial field, the 2020 resale conditions, the online Ampere simulator, and what are the most used commercial arguments were addressed. The session ended […]

New carpentry work awarded to Carpinangola

080 Noticia Carpinangola

Carpinangola has been awarded an important project in Luanda, the execution of the carpentries of the Maianga Financial Center Building. This office and retail building has a total construction area of 16,800m2, subdivided into eight office floors, first floor and mezzanine for retail, and five basement floors for parking and technical areas.


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